about Betty :

Age: 7

Date of Birth: December 30

Model from: Rogers, MN

Place you would love to visit: Hawaii

Favorite things: My boyfriend, friends, family and shopping.

jasonb wrote: You do have great eye contact with camera
mary59 wrote: been frustrated with this one. eventually gave up and just put up what i have. i don't know if it's the image itself or my inability to do something in post to give it the extra bump it needs...i guess it would help if i had more of a solid concept with the piece hahaha. yeah...
gravity wrote: He was a very pleasant, friendly guy and extremely easy to talk to.
jimmie wrote: no, see...it's as if you have a ton of turnips and a peck of pears - if you want to be taken seriously you need to have one or two 'funny' ones and the rest need to be your A game
ravi wrote: One of the most beautiful polaroids I've seen!
loafer wrote: Myk's ace!! Brilliant person to work with, gives me soo much advice and confidence. Ive not once felt uncomftable while shooting together!! He produces amazing images and always has GREAT idea's for the shoots! Highly recommend him!! Such a lovely guy.. especially to put up with me hehe!!x
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