about Sara :

Age: 12

Date of Birth: April 29

Model from: North Bend

Place you would love to visit: Iceland

Favorite things: The beach, fishing, skiing, playing hockey, playing lacrosse, and chilling with my friends.

allx wrote: Thanks
mitchel wrote: Book this model, just do it!
daveyMitchell wrote: Wow, what a beauty.. not sure about her body for runway potential, but wow…. anything else would be a sure thing!
yahoo wrote: Ken Cole
foley5 wrote: As a time-saving heads up, let me mention my body art. I have four piercings in each ear, a healed over bridge piercing and 3 tattoos, one of which covers most of my upper right arm. Though not actually art, I also wear the badge of motherhood (i.e. stretch marks) with pride.
brace wrote: Sophia was great to work with and I would recommend her to anybody. She has a funny and friendly personality and it felt like she not only enjoyed being there but wanted to be there. Which made the shoot very enjoyable for me.
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