about Claire :

Age: 12

Date of Birth: March 4

Model from: Fultondale

Place you would love to visit: The cinema more often. New York and Japan. Hopefully both will be soon.

Favorite things: My family, friends, my boyfriend, my pets, hot chocolate, apple juice, flowers, dessert.

houses wrote: Mike
benny50 wrote: Joking apart Miss Niki is a hot and faboulous and is highly recommended in my books!
niggerplease wrote: *no puns intended! ;)
catharine wrote: Worked with Simon last Friday doing a body paint shoot and it was amazing! loved it! Simon is a lovely guy and he does a amazing job at painting a taking pictures and also makes you feel nice a relaxed. Will deffo love to work with Simon again. Thanks Si xx
hot-101 wrote: The issue I have is ok, but why? I just don't get it and well my opinion is worthless anyway....That being said, if there was some emotive value for it then it would make more sense to me?...I just see a woman looking kinda sexy but it's super bright then it's like ok..whoa...why so bright? Mood changer?...Just seems a bit awkward to me...
hello-666 wrote: Great pictures, she's very pretty and has a beautiful body….
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