about Adriana :

Age: 7

Date of Birth: September 4

Model from: Brookpark

Place you would love to visit: Jamaica #1, also China, and Japan… many more

Favorite things: Bubbles, books, rod curling iron, dresses, and shoes.

Fall wrote: I am not a great fan of costume play in a model's port since I think it distracts from the model. You have way too many of these and it weakens your port. (It actually makes your port more like that of a photographer, which is not the intention!).
cathy wrote: In many of your photos there appears to be some tension in your mouth/jaw which tends to make your expressions very similar (and serious). I don't see it is this one though and would like to see more that appear this relaxed.
sajs1 wrote: Camera Obscura Photogra MM# 1063903
shawn wrote: joshua have friend like him .
mercury52 wrote: I've already discussed that option with a dentist. Unfortunately, my teeth are shaped such that it would only exxagerate the imperfection.
lguzman wrote: The waterfall
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