about Victoria :

Age: 13

Date of Birth: May 5

Model from: Jessup

Place you would love to visit: India, exploring Scandanavia more in depth

Favorite things: Hanging out with my sisters, being an auntie, modelling, and practicing the six languages that I speak.

peter56 wrote: Well of course it's all implied... as long as it looks real, thanks to our talented models! Ashley is great but for a type of work. All models have their flavor for sure, a case by case thing.
lizzy wrote: The lighting seems a bit flat, maybe from the post processing? I also agree that the post-processing is too much. I do like the photo though.
ralph wrote: - Violaceous Latex X2
gr***hopper wrote: John
taylor50 wrote: Natalie arrived with another model as arranged albeit feeling under the weather.
brody wrote: Model(s): Tyrannosaurus_Bex
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