about Jenna :

Age: 10

Date of Birth: February 1

Model from: Roanoke

Place you would love to visit: I'd love to visit India, I'd love to tour around, eating as I go.

Favorite things: My cat, my log cabin in my garden - I live in there. My girlfriend

super43 wrote: In this one you have your hand flat toward the camera and pressed against your stomach which makes it look larger than it is. Just move your hand a little outward toward your hip and it will naturally turn and look a little smaller.
blueye wrote: Looks myspacey and landscape images are always hard to see on MM..
grace1 wrote: I think you just need more in there - work with more photographers.
honking wrote: wow, she is gorgeous, as a makeup artist her bone structure is a dream! x
linnea wrote: Illy came well prepared with a huge case of clothes and full of energy and enthusiasm.
bbruno wrote: Today i hads the pleasure of working with the wonderful and versatile Nat.We got on like a house on fire and it was nice meeting a genuine down to earth easy going model who also has an amazing body.Im looking forward to working with Nat again and wouldn't hesitate on recommending Nat to any photographer.Thanks again Nat and hope your leg gets better soon after traipsing througfh loads of nettles and keeping your dignity lol
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