about Marilyn :

Age: 7

Date of Birth: July 18

Model from: Trion

Place you would love to visit: Gold Coast, Australia

Favorite things: Football, surfing and skating

quinn wrote: MissBrook
kitti wrote: For trivia, when I heard the briefing the wall was still in place. One of the, too me, cool things I got to do was take a tour of Berlin including a day on the Eastern side of the wall. There is no good way to describe the difference other then it was all depressing and gray on the eastern side and all color and gaiety on the western side. I am not talking gray as in color, it felt gray, even the "brightly" colored buildings felt gray. Strangely the only places that didn't were the museum I went to and the Memorial for the Soviet's WWII dead. It was a very strange feeling to be more alive in a cemetery then in a market place.
blythe1 wrote: If you like what you see, and would like to arrange a shoot, please get in touch.
ferrari2 wrote: This young woman has a stunning figure and a wonderful personality to compliment it.
sutton wrote: Paulette Millis - Location
ikhw wrote: i like her eyes..
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