about Deborah :

Age: 8

Date of Birth: July 26

Model from: Churchill, PA Churchville, VA Cicero

Place you would love to visit: Brazil and L.A.

Favorite things: Black nail polish, bright red lipstick and high-waisted shorts.

wheel wrote: Just had another great shoot with Brian. He's a smashing bloke, so friendly, proffesional & has some fab ideas for themes. His studio is always set up so artistically, he certainly knows how to make great pictures & also makes models feel comfortable & at ease which makes for some fab pics. Can't wait to see the results now, cheers Brian, keep stocking up on those Teabags, I'll be back soon ; ) x
wallace4 wrote: I only joined MM about a month or so back, so I'm just now starting to get my portfolio together and would love some constructive feedback on how it is coming along and what sort of shots I should look into getting and what I should do to improve my portfolio.
bungalow wrote: The images are top shot. there are a few tech probs and a few comp probs and a few photog probs but heheh no matter... Run With the Ball.
second wrote: With this image, as with others in your portfolio, I find myself wanting to see more of the person than just the head. I think if I were going to crop as close as you did, I would crop even further to simplify.
jocelyneb wrote: dagdaaag mensjes.
amalle wrote: From the other hand I'm not successful in glamour, so I was thinking if I should get lip surgery done to look better or just leave it because apparently I'm not good enough.
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