about Emily :

Age: 15

Date of Birth: March 24

Model from: Jacunda, Para, Brazil

Place you would love to visit: Polynesia

Favorite things: Music, old classic English clothes

cityg wrote: Duty above all else. It's no surprise that his dream is to be a hero. Oh, sorry... guess I meant "EMS."
ggrimes wrote: Thank you Tom
etsanchez wrote: especially for the collages maybe do them wider? i normally do mine at 800px wide so it's easier to see them. i wanted to see more of that wagon wheel one.
marcelo1 wrote: She is beautiful, with incredible eyes which never stopped shining and has a gorgeous figure. She poses easily and gracefully in every style from pop to erotic.
callie wrote: She has amazing genes for one!She's kinda scary,in a good way.Its like you want to look at her for a long time, but at the same time look away because of those penetrating eyesO.O!
cole91 wrote: You will need to think about what you want to do. I would suggest that commercial/acting/tv/film is the only thing that can be done and potentially make money at and only if you get get to LA or get into the scene in NY as a full on actress. Once you score commercials, then print is possible in a market like LA as the height requirements are less, though you will need a commercial agent for this like a CESD not a Ford or Elite.
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