about Mandy :

Age: 14

Date of Birth: November 1

Model from: Harrisburg

Place you would love to visit: South Korea

Favorite things: My laptop, chocolate, friends

stiffy wrote: Had a great last minute shoot, today. Amber is a delight to work with, very creative and flexible, she puts a lot of effort into her work. The Attic studio worked well with good natural light.
spring4 wrote: I'm mixed on this one. I like the quirkiness, but it feels like it should have a 'Shutterstock' or 'iStockphoto' watermark across it. The light's nice, but your eyes need a little more shine. Your left arm would probably be better placed so that your hand is in front of your body (going into your jacket pocket?), so that it doesn't get as lost/shrunk, providing a little better diagonal balance. I'd almost want to re-shoot this as a much tighter close-up, to further emphasize the lens distortion on your face (which is not as well-served, being on the periphery). I'm not advocating full-on walleye vision, but something a little more funky.
twister wrote: Best of luck, and redheads ROCK!
carte wrote: The big question is "why." What were you trying to communicate to the viewer? Does there seem to be a clear message or feeling or mood? Are there are too many distractions and is there no real subjective focus in the compositions?
bbuehler wrote: Wow, I think I'm in love.
wzve wrote: Topless and Art Nude is fine so long as its in a tasteful, creative and beautiful manner. If you are unsure of my limits then please just ask.
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