about Judith :

Age: 10

Date of Birth: March 30

Model from: Evansville

Place you would love to visit: There's no specific place, I love traveling and seeing new things. I would love to go anywhere in the world! You name it, I'll go.

Favorite things: My iPod

boyhood wrote: Nice shot though, I agree with the others on expression, but that's the models fault. You've done really well!
morrisMitchell wrote: Not sure what you like about this one, but I don't find it flattering for you in any way.
ogoddard wrote: Take some simple 3/4 length and face shots. If you are trying to attract models (isn't that what MM is for?), give them some simple images they can relate to.
carlo1 wrote: a) The two older models were shot in a workshop in May. Lighting was set by the workshop instructor.
cerberus wrote: goooorgeous!
bcz wrote: I have worked with many photographers now professional and amateur, on and off pure storm, I am completely at home in front of a camera and love trying new, unusual shoots that stand out from all the rest.
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