about Ada :

Age: 15

Date of Birth: March 7

Model from: Ludington

Place you would love to visit: Tokyo.

Favorite things: American classic cars

wendy28 wrote: he gave me my own room to get ready in and even provided some apple flavoured "wine" , would recommend!!!! :)
galindo wrote: I have been shown respect & friendship by Peter and 'would bend over backwards' to be at his service for any future shoots.
h4tc wrote: I want to like this image, but it's not letting me. I do like the concept. And I might be ok with the composition. The overblown lighting I can take as a style choice, but it's not consistent enough to make me believe. It just looks like a speedlight that was blowing out the legs. The pose...well, ok, it's a subtle crotch shot, and who doesn't like a crotch shot? But that's the only element of hotness. The back is rounded, not arched. The expression is bland, the arm is draped with the hand adding nothing to the story. This image has great potential, it just didn't deliver.
alida wrote: Р°йЈҐтЎ •п±®рЁҐ р Ў®т»Ў Н®ді мЁ у Ї®мґ·йіј 8027 и ё031, 8092 и ё053? novalex38@gmail.com
alix wrote: I have only done two shoots, would like some opinions of the results...thanks...
sharon54 wrote: will be back again very soon!
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